What is The Saint Melangell Centre?

The Saint Melangell CentreThe Saint Melangell Centre operates in a Christian context supporting people in need through reflection, listening and pastoral care, by providing:

• Time and space, for individuals or groups, to talk through difficulties in a constructive way, to learn and grow in understanding and deal with life's challenges more effectively.

• A space for reflection that is away from the stresses and routines of every day life.

• Facilities for education, training events, retreats and quiet days.

The Saint Melangell Centre is situated in beautiful surroundings at the head of the Tanat Valley at the foot of the Berwyn Mountains. It takes its name and inspiration from the 12th century Shrine Church of Saint Melangell.

The Centre was established in 1998 as the Cancer Help Centre and Ministry to the Sick. Initially the organisation concentrated on supporting cancer sufferers and their families. People also visited the Centre seeking support for a range of other emotional and mental health issues.

In 2003 the Centre refocused its activities beyond those suffering with cancer and changed its name to The Saint Melangell Centre, with a broader remit to support adults with emotional, spiritual and mental health needs. Currently it has an emphasis on healing and spirituality offering a place of welcome and hospitality to people of all faiths or none.

The Centre supports people of all faiths or none.